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Spitfire Aerospace Services has provided repair and overhaul services to the aircraft/aerospace industry on a variety of engine and structural components. Customers have been pleased with our flexible and quality services.

  • AOG response service.
  • Nondestructure Inspection.
  • Implement new repair procedures to salvage high cost aircraft components.
  • DER on hand for new innovative repair techniques.


Spitfire Aerospace can work on APU components, aircraft engine components, and aircraft structural components. Spitfire Aerospace Services is one of the few repair facilities in the country outside of the military qualified and properly equipped with a micro spot welder to work on heat shield blankets (also known as isolation blankets).

Spitfire Aerospace also has many repaired and recertified aircraft exhaust stacks and ducts in stock and ready for immediate shipping (call for availability).

Spitfire Aerospace Services, Inc. doesn't just service the aerospace industry either. Spitfire provides Nondestructive Testing (NDT), welding and fabrication services to other industries that require advanced welding techniques, such as food processing equipment, and automobile racing components, just to name a few.

When the job has to be done well and done right, call Spitfire Aerospace Services, Inc. 





Micro spot welding.



APU Exhaust Flange: once thought to be nonrepairable; now all cracks have been repaired, and the part went through a stress relieving process prior to recertification.


APU Exhaust Silencer, made of nickel, many parts like these can be repaired, inspected and recertified for a fraction of the cost of a new part.