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Aircraft Metals Welded

Spitfire Aerospace Services, Inc. was created for the purpose of providing services for aircraft welding to aircraft maintenance companies in need of specialized aircraft welding of many different types of exotic metals and sophisticated aircraft. Aircraft welding and fabrication with exotic metals requires specialized equipment, techniques, and considerable experience. Spitfire has the proper equipment and the necessary experienced aircraft welders to weld on metals such as: Titanium, Inconel, Cobalt, Stainless Steel, Steel Alloys, Magnesium, Aluminum, and many more.

NDT Capabilities

Spitfire Aerospace Services, Inc. offers SIRM inspections for King Air series of aircraft and also we are an approved Cessna Citation authorized independent NDI facility for example, and provide eddy current inspections on Cessna 208 Caravans just to name a few of the aircraft routinely inspected. We also offer NDT services in Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Testing and Mgnetic Particle Testing and Ultrasonic Testing alone with our Eddy Current testing and capabilities.



340 SAAB Coweling Door (Top View).


Spot Welded a replacement titanium stiffinger (Side View).


350 KingAir exhaust stack repaired and polished.


Cessna 208B Caravan engine mount.